Featuring beautiful paintings by Josephine Wall

Millennium Tree
by Gary Jacobson © 2002

O Millennium tree of great serenity
Stretching to storm swept skies above me,
Reaching into the future of tranquil eternity
Holding life's ingrained souls striving,
Giving heed to tortured spirits struggling
Ever towards the supernal climbing,
Ever ascending on pathways upward
Yet falling betimes to life’s vagaries absurd
To start again lifted up by arms of love
Eyes fixed on enticing branches above.

Thee art mine goal
The meaning of my soul...
Goodness intertwined in seasons of growing
Words of sweetest compassion sowing
Scenes of brotherhood rising through beloved harmony
Holy friendship basking in peaceful prosperity
Growing into their greater humanity
A part of them increasing in morality
Sometimes toiling mid seeming insoluble dark,
Avoiding evil's lost in the dark, brown bark...

O great Millennial Tree
Thy pathways betimes seem so long to me
Hearing from fellowman sweetest song
Learning right from wrong
Touching fear embedded in passing review
Life’s aspiration in ambition purview
Revel in highest branches of joyful sorrow rife
Climb fragile tree till finding bountiful life
Seeking meaning till the end of time pursue
Life's grand purpose construe.

O Millenial Tree
May I lead righteously my posterity
To heights of purest love in harmony
Exploring the greater fullness of joy
Grown weary from fleeing desolation buoy
Along the journey men of all nations employ
Gaining peace in masterful blend
Fears and hatreds from hearts at long last rend
Fulfillment our grand achievement
Accepting neighbors all in love's amazement.

Fair leafy queen of the surreal
Who in thine highest branches love doth reveal
Sharing life's holy secret
Overseen by hidden goodness met
Through arduous labor sustaining,
Greater spirituality learning...
Wrought through venerable life's pain obtaining
Rejoice in sublime beauty created from the surviving.
Shown in this tree of life abides His total mastery,
God's esoteric notions of Millennial artistry.

Beautiful painting by Josephine Wall
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