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ready for combat patrol The Nurse
As a combat veteran who has borne the brunt of our nation's actions in Vietnam, bearing freedom's sword in answer to our country's call, I wish to express my tremendous gratitude for the gift of purest compassion and healing an angel brought to us in Vietnam. Though I never had the honor of personally meeting Sharon Ann Lane, I wish to pay sincere tribute to her name...the only Vietnam nurse to die from enemy attack, In Chu Lai, Vietnam, 312TH EVACUATION HOSPITAL... Sharon Lane was working in the Vietnamese ward in the early morning hours of June 08, 1969, when a 122mm rocket slammed into the compound. Sharon was hit in the aorta by shrapnel.

I was wounded in combat by a trip wire booby trap that detonated a grenade, that in turn detonated an artillery round. I felt firsthand the selfless sacrifices and humanity of Sharon's nursing sisters, bearing a most noble calling in the nursing corps that serves the U.S. military. I am forever indebted for their tender mercies at a time I was deprived of love, fallen destitute and abandoned, feeling only cold heat of warís savagery, in peril of very life itself.

Sharon Ann Lane truly epitomized that unselfish healing I received. She tenderly administered to the slings and arrows of that most terrible beast called war. She gave of her very essence in this greatest act of love, meting out her healing to nourish and restore not only abundant physical wounds, but also by her goodness assuaging insidious mental afflictions that a treacherous war implants in the minds of ďboys next door.Ē

Sharon indeed paid the highest price for her convictions. In great courage Sharon gave her all to that greater spirituality she valued more than life itself. I am humbled and honored by the sweet memory of...

Sharon Ann Lane

by Gary Jacobson

gold foil eagle Guardian Angel

Long abide in glory, Sharon Ann Lane
Memories of her spirit lauded in honeyed refrain
Feeling compassion born of great empathy
Showing warring souls sweet caring sympathy
A Vietnam nurse healing with tender affinity
An angel of mercy, Godís right hand
Bringing compassion to this sweet and sour land
Sensitivity filling her being through life abbreviate
Now gazing down from heavenly summit.
golden bamboo
Give a momentís love to Sharon Ann Lane
Who filled her life easing otherís pain
Gave her gift of life, in Vietnamís war insane
Only Vietnam nurse to die from enemy attack
In Chu Lai Hospital, 312th Evac...
While caring for prisoners of the enemy
By a rocketís shrapnel fired by the enemy.
golden bamboo
With pride we salute Sharon Ann Lane
Who thinking not of worldly gain
Lived a life of service
Bestowing healing talents generous.
24 years old the stories told
Cut short so young...
So young...
Ripped from life not yet fully sung.
golden bamboo
Sharonís blessed name will live on in history
Died June 8, 1969,
Her day that will live on in infamy
O restore to this angel of mercy
Deserved peace of spiritual wholeness
O God, her wearied and tender soul caress
Let her voice forever ring
To her warmest praises let heavenly angels sing.
golden bamboo
Erect a statue in Sharonís beloved honor
In home state Ohio, for this nurse, Godís warrior
That by her selfless manner
We may find appreciation deeply inspiring
Filling hearts of those around rejoicing
Feeling her gentle love abiding
Feel abounding her giving symbol
Bringing peace to hearts that no more tremble
Who in Sharonís fond memory assemble.
golden bamboo
Long live the memory of Sharonís humble nobility
For in her pure largess reigns spirituality
See visions of the sacrifice of Sharon Ann Lane
Making tears fall like drenching rain
Remember well this valiant brave nurse
Who stayed the course through Vietnamís worst
Hold her cherished thought to your bosom
Treasure her vitality of spirit that in you will blossom.
golden bamboo
For if you remember Sharon Ann Lane
She will never die.
Let not Sharonís sweet memory wane
For dwelling beside the throne of her Master on high
Sharonís still caring
Still sharing
Still brushing hurtful tears from eyes that cry
Still walking beside you with heartfelt sigh
Youíll feel her there, by and by...


"Day is done, gone the sun,
From the lakes, from the hills,
From the skies,
All is well, safely rest.
God is nigh"

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