Music playing is by Duane Eddy, Waltz of the Wind.
Golden Bamboo

~Waltzing with the Wind~
on the Mekong Delta
by Gary Jacobson © March 2006
Waltzing with the Wind
Hunting enemies that would my very life rend
Swaying forward and back to send
That despicable foe into the halls of infamy
Just hoping to see him before he sees me
Lays me down in the ground with brave heroes of history.

Oh hear the wind blow so soft and sweet
Hum its melodic tune as I move my feet
Trying to move discreet
Prowling this barbarously lovely land
With gracefully syncopated rhythm of this combat band
With cacophonous sound anyone miles away can understand.

Waltzing out in the boonies in this world of harm’s
Just me and my brothers-in-arms
To the wind’s sweet music that anger disarms
Armed to the teeth
Carrying hell on earth to mankind bequeath
To send him to brimstone pits of death beneath.

Fighting evil’s tyranny
Examine closely every rook and cranny
Every bush along the trail of infamy
Hump that proverbial ridge-line between life-and-death
Carrying weapons of war to rip out an enemies last breath
Waltzing in quiet stealth.

Just humping to that two-step beat
Trying hard cruel death to cheat
Watching closely without fail
for snipers in the treeline who’d my poor life nail
Watch closely for diabolic booby traps at my feet
Pouncing out of the ground to leave me dying in jungle heat.

So play my last combat waltz soft and low
So as not to wake the dead moldering below
Draw attention of those who’d egregious wounds bestow
Though if they take my life
There would be no more heartache and strife
No more war ruled by prevalent fears rife...

Golden Bamboo
search and destroy

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