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river trail

Sweet and Sour Perfumed Land
by Gary Jacobson

Along the perfumed Oriental river
Lies the promise given peace to deliver
To A gentle land rocked by War.
By Embattled gladiators, boys next door.
river mysts river mysts
Fighting through grievous horrors soldiers bore
Born with Wonder to last Evermore.
What are we here for?
In this sweet and sour perfumed land,
Fighting communist Vietcong on every Hand.
Vietnamese child Vietnamese children
While for gentle people life goes inexorably on,
A child's purity is life's greatest bastion,
For their laughter gives the warmth of the sun.
Kindly grandfathers still love these dear children.
While warriors contend with politics Con,
Peasants seek shelter from turbulationís din.
grandfather and child Vietnamese mother and child
Mid a Life and Death passion play through generation's Reborn,
Traditions seem bleak in rice paddy harvest,
All civility around villagers contentiously Shorn,
Villagers seeking remittent rest.
rice harvest peasant woodcarrier
In this land of mystic wonders lore
My brothers we fought for freedoms for
A Vietnamese people just seeking democracy,
Imploring their brothers help from across the sea,
Wanting to be free...
Just like you and me.
sanpan cook Vietnamese girl and load

Peasant folk in this pungent land Pristine
Exist Mid Warís almighty conflagrations
In an oft repeated Scene.
Finding solemn peace mid warís destructions.
kids ride buffalo

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