A peaceful scene? Snipers and booby traps lie quietly in waiting.
I was Wounded in Action twenty minutes after this picture was taken,
the end yet the beginning of a long odyssey home.
The song playing, "The Prayer," by Celine Dion, inspired this poem.

Golden Bamboo
Uncle Sam rolling up his sleeves for the fight Regardless of your feelings about the war, it behooves each and every one of us to support our troops in these most perilous times...our nation's sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters. To those who have seen duty clear, and who far and away from home have put themselves into harm's way...
this prayer is dedicated to you. Bless You...and come home soon!!!

Golden Bamboo
Prayer for the Warriors
by Gary Jacobson © 2002

Bless our vigilant warriors
Give strength to overcome to valiant saviors
Our sons and daughters, wherever they may be
On land, sky, or sailing the briny sea...
Safeguard those so lonely, so far from home
In times blackened dark, yet adventuresome
Watch over them, our brothers, sisters, where they go
Guide them wisely in times they do not know.

Glorify our warriors' calling
Whom we sent forth, righteous principles guarding
Calling them far from home to distant sod
To serve ever faithful, our country, our God
Whether crouched in wind-swept desert foxholes sandy
Or poised on high mountain’s steep cranny
Steel them, brave men and women, our nation’s pride select
The world depends on them, riding war’s bestial ogre to protect!

Bless our nation’s children, carried courageous into duty
Bearing above all things, compassion for humanity
Keep the light of hope glowing ever bright
Bless might of swords flashing shining right
Honoring always, father, mother, sister, brother
Watching always the backs of one another...
Their lives for a country they love more than life offering
Bastions of our grand liberty protecting
World peace ever seeking!

May hearts of men be truly won
When battle’s finally done.
Buoy up these soldiers, our children, sad and so alone
Feeling need in guilt for things seen and done to atone
Give thine balm of Gilead to ease their pain
Shield their sanity in combat that drives men insane
Bless them that they may look back with pride, and smile
Though multitudes of strifes and hatreds rile.

Fortify in our warriors' hearts, humanity's essence
Be gentle when war takes away their innocence
May intrinsic life values still be their choice elect
Defend them from traumatic stress defect
So as they return home, reaching, searching, to touch the sky
Give them answer to the question, "why?"
So a grateful nation may say to valiant sons and daughters
by noble duty sent
"Well done, my good and faithful servant!"

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by Gary Jacobson © 2002
What is Freedom?
Can you say?
Planted long ago in a distant childhood’s kingdom
Freedom held firm till yesterday...

When vile terrorists came to our front door knocking
Spewing allegiance to God hypocrite
Driving before them devastating fearing
With intolerance catastrophic...
Riding alarming wings
Hatred sings...

Homegrown Freedom on that fated day
Almost lost...
Lost sight of life’s golden ray
Exacting from tender hearts a villainous cost...

When the whole world
Saw Satanic minions very Freedom accost
Saw rocking twin towers hurled...
From the Tower of Babel tempest-tossed...

The sound of tyranny rolls
The sound round the world recoiling
Down on innocent souls
Our minds rebounding with feeling stirring...

Motivated by bestial fear
Betimes held shining
Grave intolerance placed inside our ear
The proud, the foolish, the apathetic thronging...
Given voice for all the world to hear...

Like lightning now, swells the voice of Freedom
Like thunder now imprinted
Only a word I almost died for in Vietnam
But a word forever planted
A word in which grace sings liberty’s psalm

Hold it close with might defended
From days of long ago depended...
Planted by parents, teachers, friends...
Lifetimes of loving
Now its voice still, in pale misty fog sends
By a benevolent society investing caring...

Freedom’s a hope never surrendered
Stewed from fanatic’s teapot, boiling, roiling
Never forgotten, our very lives now upended
Tinkling cymbals, brotherhood, but reasons for being
Seeing Freedom's song to all neighbors its hope sharing...

Hush now, proud spirit of anger in me nagging
Ward off this evil night
Still vengeance at my primal essence gnawing
Yet bound us to share Freedom’s light...

Bruised, beaten, in angst now heartworn
Give the retribution of all men freely born
Brave patriots died for it...
Loved it as much as life itself...
In this nation, the bastion of magnificent Freedom lit...

To those hearing not the candle in the wind blowing...
Bearing great horror rising at life inspiring...
Beat paralyzed our sacred, peaceful dove
Rejoice still beating in my breast, Freedom...
Is love!

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