the symbol of our nation man's inhumanity to man
desolation America Cries

the day the world cried
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A New Awakening
by Gary Jacobson © 2001
sunset in the smoke of catastrophe
A New Day Dawn Is Breaking
A new awakening
From a day in which the world cried
A day when the assurance of security died
Through tears of sadness
America torn by despicable terror Godless
Out of the mouth of darkness
One day of weeping
One day of mourning
The fabric of a nation rent
Sounds of terror around the world sent.
the symbol of our nation

A New Day Dawn Is Breaking!
There is a new vigor in this land reborn
Blossoms rising from the heart of the thorn
In renewed spirit
Renewed unity
Renewed patriotism
In this land of the free
From brave brotherhood sworn
Liberty will this home of the brave adorn.

A New Day Dawn Is Breaking!
Americans picked themselves up
Dusted themselves off
Rolled up their sleeves
And with grim resolve began the rebuilding
To a new purpose lives dedicating...
To the precept ďThis will not standíĒ resolving.

A New Day Dawn Is Breaking!
Watching TV I saw Americans working together
Bonding together
In a way I had not seen in far too long
Amid rising strains of freedomís song
Feeling renewed hope in their country
Moving towards recovery.

America was knocked down
But did not stay down...
We got back up again
Pulled weary bodies through conflagrationís din
As the world watched listening
Through tears of sadness saw a new spirit growing
A New Day Dawn Is Breaking!

It was amazing!
Firefighters, policeman, doctors volunteering
Just ordinary people help tendering
Coming forth extending
To their fellow man loving
For this nation baptized in fire and spirit
Would not ever, ever, ever quit!

A New Day Dawn Is Breaking!
This may be the hardest pill
For Osama Bin Laden to swallow,
And the world will send him the bill
For his malicious evil hollow
For he has some big debts to fill
But this hate monger
Made America stronger.
His act of vile terror actually helped America!

A New Day Dawn Is Breaking!
He got Americans again to start pulling
Having new purpose united
A partisan spirit for hope of liberty renewed
By patriotic glue brought closer
Which will our nation's wounds knit faster...

O yes, A New Day Dawn Is Breaking!
So I'd like to give Osama Bin Laden
My hand in thanksgiving...
For America invigorating

With a stick of dynamite in hand of course.

My heart is heavy that such evil still reigns! There is a great sadness about what has happened. Please help others to see this page by clicking above graphic...which will also enter your vote for "Vietnam Picture Tour," as a top military site!

America sharpens her talons

by Gary Jacobson © 2001

Terrorism, a vile affront to all menís God
Blasphemous in the face of God
A vile act embodied foolishly
Enacted absurdly
Is cowardice personified
From a heart where love has died.

Terrorism, actions boiled in vitriolic hate
Where vestiges of fanatic sanctity berate
Despoiling all humanity
Bitterly scathing insanity
Bearing caustic breath
Carrying the stench of death.

Terrorism, a crime against all humanity
Lies in stark contrast opposition to Godís sanctity
Heinously senseless
Hostilities utterly defenseless
Cankerous disease carcinogenesis
The very precept of peace antithesis.

Terrorism, no answer to realistic aim,
In it perceived wrongs abominate blame
Deceived innately by incarnate evil
Manifest to good men unbelievable
Wields unmitigated wrong
In desecrated harmony this discordant song.

Terrorism, a principle mindlessly cultured
Learned in innocence misguided
Cruel terror striking all civility defiled
Terrorism, an antagonistic contradiction
Breeds in its detestation
Blinding fear to mankindís soul devastation.

Yet arrogant terrorists gloat impenitent
Of injustice against man and God unrepentant
Reveling in bliss totally ignorant
Celebrating, smiling
In atrocious self satisfaction
Maliciously pleasured by aberration.

Terrorism, spiteful deeds psychologically flawed
From souls eternally damned.
Malevolently by grim evil influenced
A fanatic blow struck against all decency
Cutting with a vicious sword of sins infamy
This sacrilege to morality.

More evidence of manís inhumanity to man!

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