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waiting for the medevac dustoff
The Sound of Silence
by Gary Jacobson © 2003

In the silence of innocent lambs
Warriors slip in and out of combat jams
Hush comes after battle’s raucous crush
Run its fiery course adrenaline’s rush
Deadening noise dies where silence reigns
Caught in stifled sleep the living feigns
Boys listening in dark and dusky night
Throats strangled tight
Painfully paying heed to creeping shadows
Men deathly silent in agonizing throes.

Fill my silence with dry tears
In the night of a thousand fears
Giving ear to men coming to kill
Shedding blood their greatest thrill
Spurring on the wild beast of war
Riding to destroy all that comes before
Hot hatreds voices fill
Over forested rock and rill
Filling combatants silent void
Trying thoughts of death somehow to avoid.
waiting for the medevac dustoff
Silence on the lonesome night hangs
Thoughts of home but empty pangs
Displayed in the light of killing moons
Strumming weary heartstrings throbbing tunes
Rubbing hot spurs down trembling spines
Shards cold as death confines
Shooting shadows of silence defining
Bullets cursing through forests adventuring
Proudly by patriotic duty sought
Determined to find a souls destined spot.

Quietly in the dust I die
Daring in the midst of enemies to cry
Bearing a thousand deaths in silence
Paying at long last the Devil’s penance
Laid down a body red by bloody fever flushed
Neath solemnly sacred ground so hushed
Grisly maw agape in death’s primal scream
Gone on to fight with heaven’s first team.
Offended eyes, open wide, searching forever
Pleading still, "Forget me never!"

our ride to the war

Memory Box
by Gary Jacobson © 2003

My memory box
Protected by a thousand secret locks
Holds memories of when I became a man
Meditating of a far off time in Vietnam
Now held close and deep inside
Lined with pain and pride
Protecting long forgotten names
Remembered faces in that time of games
Memories lie there, crumbling to dust there
One eclipsing all in malevolence does stare
Wrenching heart-strings with great despair.

From time to time
Horrors leap from my Pandora’s box
Breaking its thousand locks
Like a whirlwind my being rocks
Leaps forth a beast through the night ridden
Demons arise from light of day hidden
Awake in the nights still listening
Awakened by winds of war again stirring
Watching throughout the day agitating
Young men's hearts foolish hatreds whipping.
blowing VietCopng bunker system
Memories unraveling my mind drive me crazy
Disillusioned by war’s bloody fantasy
Lost through time my innate trust
Strong values deteriorating now but rust
Once again dying mid thunder and lightning
Again neglected guns and explosions hearing
Abandoned again in jungle fever sweating
Dismayed by hateful talk of renewed war
Released yet again that droning bore
Shouting back from a past I frightfully abhor.

Again war’s rhetoric takes me back
Again to shattered heart of long ago attack
A time ripped from a boys sensibilities
Beleaguers shredded memories
Reincarnated horrors my mind rack
Dark tides roll into a brain inky black
Honor wreaked in havoc from meager civilities
Nightmarish atrocities
Brought to life in a terrible dream
Yanking from my soul again a primal scream.

Till I hide again the box
Lock its thousand locks
Wipe away my mournful tear
Mend again the wounds its scorching sear
Resolve never to forget brothers dear
Far from the scene of battle fled
Burying in my box again the dead
Hiding distant memories my very soul did burn
Wondering when will we ever learn
Must histories past always, always return?
men at war laugh at Duc Pho
From left, men in positions 1 and 3 front,
killed two weeks after this picture was taken.

Do Not Forget
by Gary Jacobson © 2003

Do not forget
War’s Boisterous and lusty din
Mid hating and cankerous sin
That to all civilization shouts offense
Our boys lost primal innocence
That ulcerous depravity
Grisly death’s greatest discourtesy
Lost in the catastrophe...

Lost in a war that should never have been
Fighting "man’s inhumanity to men"
Answering the call with scarce reluctance
Suffering battle scars of ghastly penance
Now say, “Do not forget”
Those who paid your debt!

Live life in fullness without regret
Higher callings to peace above war abet
How can I forget what’s harbored deep inside?
To suggest such is but to deride
Forget not affront in shame’s final indignity
Old warriors seeking peace, the final priority.

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