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Uncle Sam rolling up his sleeves for the fight man's inhumanity to man

Roll Up Your Sleeves
by Gary Jacobson © 2001
sunset in the smoke of catastrophe
America, time to roll up your sleeves
To fight for all who for freedom grieves
In liberty in law believes
Restore again that sanctity justice breathes.
Comes again the call to action daunting
Consecrated From America’s brave heart gleaming
To pick another fly from the ointment.
Terrorists spewed from foul minded abasement
Visited with bitter gall
On us disgorged their venomous vitriol.

America, time to roll up your sleeves
Time to give back what terror conceives
Robbing all sanctity of life a band of thieves
Lurking in darkened shadow where madmen hide
Bearing pretentious religious pride
Those pseudo clerics could not abide
To let America breathe free
So attacked, and signed their warrant destiny.

America, time to roll up your sleeves
Upon our soul though thorny plague aggrieves
Terrorists heralding their own condemnation
In our grim devastation.
Osama Bin Laden, that pompous ascetic
This raving fanatic sealed his doom prophetic.
The mighty whirlwind upon his head we shall sow
That peace again might someday grow.
We did not strike a first telling blow
Though time and time again had reason to do so.

America, time to roll up your sleeves
To restore again that sanctity freedom leaves.
We always turned the other cheek
Did not in the past “Infinite Justice” seek
Now out of sanctimonious hate
To he who sights of carnage elate
Terrorists have crossed the final line
Went too far for the last time!
No, we did not strike the first blow
But will gladly the last blow bestow!

Our arrow to Osama Bin Laden’s heart sings
A sirens song bullet with his name on it brings
Out of the mouth of America’s frustration
Payback for despicable horror that rocked a nation
Fly on angels of right avenging
Upon the head of unwashed infidel descending
From him exact just recompense
Seek for evil done, full rights redress.
Good men, must rise to stop in this world, madmen!

We shall sow our almighty sword in thunder
To plow his evil machinations under
With our strong right hand
A united band
Our sovereign nations
Repulsed by unholy terrorism’s creations
Who spread its great sacrilege to laced winds asunder
Terrorist’s unrighteous dominions plunder.

Obliterate this obnoxious desert warrior
Spouting hateful rhetoric with sanctimonious fervor
Inciting his evil congregation
Shamelessly insolent in monstrous presumption
Blaspheming the very name of God
This lunatic fringe in righteous facade
Bringing distilled tears to angels who weep.
See them paid in like kind for sins they reap.

Good men of the world, roll up your sleeves
Seek that which our world’s oppression relieves
Old warriors walked the valley of shadowed wars
Thought we'd closed behind us senseless doors
Talking now of peace with war-no-more...
But now war’s banged through America’s front door
Struck at our very heart beyond freedom’s shore
Marching up main street heading for your door!
This is no more a far and away senseless war!

I ponder the only solution in justice retribution
To bind terror with its just reward
To send back to Hell that malignant horde
Back to the master who made them
Inspired them
For they will not stop,
Or to good flip-flop
Whose voice knells of tarnation come ringing
Choirs of demonic angel’s discordantly singing
Echoing in empty halls of damnation mingling.

Swoop down on that madman like an eagle
From bastions of liberty in our asphalt jungle
His black-hearted, diabolic plans boggle
Pluck him out of sinister desert lair
From where he’s unleashed such fiendish despair
Wrest him from wicked shadows hiding place
Where he abides by henchmen’s harboring grace.
From this world his fanatical, unclean soul erase!

Yes, America must roll up our sleeves
But let us beware
This will not be battle we deem fair.
These men hate us with every fiber of being
Dedicated in moral conviction more than willing
Anxious to give their lives in dying committing
A ferociously dedicated, intelligent adversary.
America is by far the stronger nation militarily
But physical strength is less important than
conviction morally.

We too must be morally committed
We must be equally for the long haul dedicated
For this fight will not be short and swift
To excise the demon from fissured rift
For the infidel by conscience led
Wants no victory without us or them dead
Or as proverbs lament
This indeed will be the winter of our discontent.

To ferret the infidel out we must make decision
Among innocent teaming masses ridden
To incise the cancerous lesion
For it is far too easy for civilization
To turn toward barbarism
Pluck out cankered disease with surgical incision
Root out evil with exacting precision
Excise without killing the body of public opinion.
For when tempestuously uncaring becomes our hate
It buries us in a pit even beneath them we hate.

So America, roll up your sleeves
For everywhere around us the madness unfolds
Till we question how our sanity holds
There is much work to be done
That will carry us far beyond setting sun.
Where they think us complacently soft
Show them resolve hard
Wean them from all support bereft
With steeled resolve, be not afeard
We are in for a fight!
For these strange men won’t vanish into the night.

The Greek philosopher Epictetus said,
“No man is free who is not master of himself.”

Confucius said,
“If a man take no thought at what is distant, he will
find sorrow near at hand.”

Lord Wellington said at the battle of Waterloo,
“Men who have nice notions of religion have no
business being soldiers.”

George Patton said.
“Moral conviction is five times more important in
battle than physical strength.”

Lord Byron said,
“Hatred is the madness of the heart.”

Andrew Jefferson said,
“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”

Christopher Marlowe said,”
Hell is but the collected ruins of the moral world, and
sin is the principle that has made them.”

The Greek Philosopher Antisthenes said,
“Observe your enemies, for they first find out your

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