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Rebel Rouser
by Gary Jacobson © October 2005
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Iím a real rebel rouser
Cong see me cominí best find some cover
Iím a new-born killer totiní an M-16
My kind of rock-and-roll makes the very jungle careen.
The nastiest son-of-a-gun you ever seen
This lean, mean, green fighting machine.

I went to Nam gung-ho naive
Fruits of war yet to conceive
Proudly set to do, or die
Precepts of eternal freedom to sanctify
Ready to sacrifice my all to touch the sky
Ready to meet my maker in royal courts on high.

I'm just an all-American boy
Ripped from that land of peace and joy
Answering duty called to serve my country
Win back from communism freedomís destiny
To in honor go into bloody battle rife
For that country I love more than life.

Oh why did I into the mouth of guns go
To face a Satanic, belligerent, red communist foe
To stop political dominions making dominoes fall
Trusting leaders that would tell no tales tall
Lying to this All-American go-getter
By cruel war not yet made bitter.

Going to warís the patriotic, noble thing to do,
A sage and prudent nation decreed.
My parents and church in all their wisdom agreed.
Just go over there and do this righteous deed
For God, country, your fellow man, you go my son
Sow freedomís seed.
And I ... I could do nothing else, for this was my creed
For I didnít yet know I could so easily break and bleed.

Iím a ground-poundiní, hard-corps, Cong-killiní grunt
My M-16 does my talkiní ... an it talks kinda blunt
Inclined to behave with bold aggressiveness
Just takiní care of my rich Uncle Sammyís business.
I wield treasured freedoms in fist's oppressive
Direct mighty venomís fire to evil suppressive.

I wonít let you see fears Iíve shoved way down deep
Buried safely in the bowels of a place secrets keep
Hidden where bestial demonís sleep...
But my brother, do not for me weep!
For I laugh raucously at the kiss of death
Hear it laugh back with bated breath.

Just pile up the body counts
Prowl battlefields like wily catamounts.
Watch for death always near, my ethereal friend
Walk quietly, with peaceful shadowís blend.
Fend off fetid fright
Become tough as sweltering night.

As fading sun sets over the wire, pray for morning sun
To hump another torrid day in the land of the gun.
Heated life in Nam taught me rough
To guard all with watchful eye of an eagle tough
Blood in my eye, venting obscene
Fearing bloody death unseen in jungleís serene.

Hump the toolies with rowdiness invincible
Still this wildly beating heart impregnable
Senses heighten with smells of death tremulous
New sound, all round, in booneys deadly suspicious
Adrenalin rushing up and down, in greening shadows aware
Listening ... listening, into jungle nothingness stare.

Fighting for life begets eyes hard as steel
Treat death as no big deal
Prepare to walk the rim of hell
Search and destroy, ring despotís bell
Send 'em straight to hell.
ďCause if you canít ... you die!
Make a nationís mothers cry.

For the bullet with your name on it, watch in despair
Itís always hunting you, waiting, lurking ... out there.
It donít mean nothiní, I say
Then turn and walk away.
Not afraid of no Cong, Ďcause Iím bigger and badder
Grunts swagger with a rock-and-roll hair-trigger.

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