Music playing is "Rave On," by Buddy Holly

~Rave On~

by Gary Jacobson © February 2006

I’m out on patrol jus’ thinkin’ of you
Out humping the killing zone, feelin’ kinda blue
But I’ll be back to hold you tight
Remember me darlin’, everythin’s all right
Jus’ gotta do my duty with all my might
In this little hissy-fit fight.

But my ragin’ brain can’t help thinkin’ of you
Running my fingers through your curly do
I remember when I held you tight
Everything seemed oh so right...
Then I went far away
I would not return for a year and a day.

Though in my dreams I still hold you tight
In my dreams everything’s all right
Humping with the combat infantry
Fighting evil men of infamy
Who done freedom wrong
Who desecrated liberty’s song.

Oh baby, I’ll be home soon.
I see your sweet smile in ev’ry killing moon
Dreaming for only you I pine
I feel your lips on mine
Little things you say and do
Make me want to be back in “the world” with you.

Gotta do my patriotic chore
Though fighting I abhor
Rather think of the honey I adore
But here there’s death all around
Here where real monsters abound
Wanting to plant me six feet under the ground.

Rather dream of you saying “I love you”
Than wily Vietcong pursue
This fear’s got me reelin’
Jus’ dreaming of war’s bloody feelin’
Trading memories of your softness
For this fighting and dying obtuse.

So I can’t be thinkin’ too much of you
Because there are men preoccupied with my dying too
Lots of people here don’t like me very much
Dedicated to killing me with their bloody touch
Wanting to reunite me with dust from whence I came
For this fight holding me to blame.

So I can’t dream too much on it
Unless I want to be kickin’ up daisies in this forest pit
Find the bullet with my name on it
I’m so glad your love takes me away from this bullsh--
uh, er, tragedy
Remember the way you dance and hold me tight
Raving dreams got me reelin’ all right.

Dreaming of back home with your love
Never again to be lonely, my honey dove
Tell me, not to be lonely
Tell me, you love me only
Back across the heartbreak sea
Where my rue love waits for me.

I still dream of that tender kiss
Of that “just right” bliss
With the heart of me infatuated,
Feelings in my heart celebrated
Basking in the glow of romance
Empassioned in loves sweet dance.

I dream longingly of that night
Foretelling a future so bright
There under the golden moon spun
Here in a dangerous land under the gun
Where the race in the gamut of life is run
Victory and the agony of defeat lost ... or won.

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