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nam nam

The helicopters rained fire from the sky wielding mighty fists of suppression...to teach Charley Cong a lesson... Somebody below is dying a grisly death tonight! Will his family miss him? Did he have a sweetheart he loved...was he a hard worker...did he deserve to die, or just in the wrong place at the wrong time?
Fire From The Sky

Eye in the sky choppers looked for Charley till they found him...then set you down right on top of him. So lock and load, cause in a moment we're going to be in the thick of battle, and it's gonna be a hot one...somebodies gonna die...will it be you...but you better not think about it or you'll never make that jump off the helicopter skids! You don't want to live forever do you?

Then came your darkest day...when the bullet with your name on it found you!

There's an explosion...everything goes black...you're hit...you're bleeding...the essence of you about to die! You're just another soldier...so lost and alone, and so very far from home.... Then came the dustoff choppers to carry you back to the aid station...where medic's try a soldier's life to save... No one there knew you...how smart you were...how tough you were...what kind of future lay in store! You were just another casualty of the Vietnam war...maybe you would live...maybe you wouldn't! Good men and bad men alike die in this war...men of all colors, races, creeds and religions...for the God's of war show no prejudice! Like all wars, Vietnam is no respecter of persons...an equal opportunity slayer of the flower of America's youth!

Did you enjoy the tour of beautiful Southeast Asia? Fun wasn't it? We'll have to do this again real soon...

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Over the A Shau Valley
Continue the walk in "the park" known as Vietnam.
Experience chilling reality that'll leave the sweet and sour taste of "the Nam" on your tongue, the pungent smell of "the Nam" acrid in your nostrils, and textures of "the Nam" imbedded in your brain as though you were walking beside me in combat. But get ready...it's going to be a bumpy ride.

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