Music playing is Vienxu: Far Away From Home
Golden Bamboo
Far Away From Home
by Gary Jacobson © 2003

So far away from home
My soul destitute and weary, wherever I might roam
Through the depths of jungled shadow
Searching for freedomís hated foe
Wondering in this land where hatreds excess bestow far should I go?

Will the light of right shine on my head
Leading me as belief to far away jungles have led?
Oh God, show me the way
Give strength to my hand this heated day
From the tempestuous fire of iniquity stay
From an unrighteous war called by righteousness.

Protect me in this demonic day forlorn
Help me keep my head about me, till as a veteran I learn.
Do not ways of war crown my head as a Christ-thorn.
Walking through the valley of death keep me safe.
Not adopting vile hatreds that my very soul chafe
My very heartís blood by villainy strafe.

Let me return to motherís waiting arms, far back home
Let me hear welcome reception, wishing no more to roam
For I have gone far as servant to my people
Faced Hellís fire and brimstone ample
For you...rights of freedom to far away restore
Not wanting to face hatredís guns and bullets anymore.

Golden Bamboo
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