Music playing is Hoavang: Yellow Flowers of Yesteryear
Golden Bamboo
Yellow Flowers of Yesteryear
by Gary Jacobson © 2003

What have we learned in our sojourn on earth
As sweet pipings played in life to death’s birth.
What will we tell when we rejoin heaven’s choir?
What tales on earth will we learned inspire?
Have we with our hearts seen heavens greater meaning
Or with mortal gut reacted only to carnal feeling?

Have we seen the higher way?
Do we not see flowers blooming in long ago yesterday
Seen beyond debauched years to futures twilight rays
Far ahead to heavenly peace paved on golden ways
Beyond uncharitable love, tares among life’s flowers pitiless
Knowing only lower evils of wars fought cantankerous?
Seen no other way than hating, to Divinity blasphemous.

Have we too often time and again unrighteously used
Heralded in hedonistic pleasures abused
Precious time on earth blessed, by holiness given
Universal brotherly love ruthlessly riven?
Do we swallow too easily Satan’s bill of goods
Smelling not yellow flowers of yesteryear Gods?

Have we learned to solve problems with graceful wisdom?
Have we ascended unto that blessed, glorious kingdom
Holding most dear a brotherly love
That most sacred sacrament from above?
Have we swords and pruning hooks beaten down as ways of war?
For it is written, “Neither shall they learn war any more.”

Golden Bamboo
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