Music playing is Demcuoi: The Last Night
Golden Bamboo
The Last Night
by Gary Jacobson © 2003

Tonight is the night
Obsidian blackness bares its greatest fright
Hands of death hover sweetly near
Lost in the heart of me greatly fear.

Sweet life has grown in wonderment sweet
But this night, will I my maker meet
I will sing death’s final song
Give spirit in gratitude to eternities long.

For in the dark is the greatest love born
Made sacred as Gabriel’s angels mourn
Where life’s meaningless trappings are shorn
Solemnly blowing sweet taps on his celestial horn.

Sweet and sour caresses come during hollow nights
Before a soldier opening consecrated divinity’s lights
Bearing sweetest contentment to this lonely boy
Darkning life’s greatest joy.

For fragile night will not through dawning last
As life destined soon but a thing of the past
As shadows fall and dark nights grow cold
Memories fade of both good and bad times old.

For greater life hides in dusky death, my friend
Everything you believed in turning to dust in the end
This night I put off life’s crown of thorns
To take upon myself royal robes sweet heaven adorns.

Listening for Celestial harps that to heroes ring
For men who’ve done their best in tempests life bring
Proven heroes who offered their very all
Lived and died, standing for what they believe...ever tall!

Golden Bamboo

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