Mekong Delta Riverine
by Gary Jacobson

Way down on the Mekong Delta Riverine
Patrol some of the toughest grunts
The Nam’s ever seen
Half man
Half alligator
Chew Vietcong up and spit’m out later

Humpin' through swamp water
Eating stinking delta mud all day
Not exactly a nice place to play
Just hurry up and wait
For the Hueys to take us to the war
Gonna bag some Charlies to even the score
And the beat goes on
And on and on and on...

humpin march
swamp riverine
boat people
ride to the war

humpin a mud army

golden bamboo
Infantry Topography

Swamp Hunt

golden bamboo

golden bamboo

golden bamboo
attack like an alligator

golden bamboo
care for a swim?

golden bamboo
Delta Ferry

golden bamboo
Delta Ferry

golden bamboo

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