Music: Life's Railway to Heaven, by Patsy Cline and Willie Nelson.

Journey on Life's Railroad
by Gary Jacobson May 2005
train The train of life is comin' round the bend
We all must follow till life itself does end,
Hoping the Savior above will watch and guide us,
The engineer on life's straight and narrow rail bless us.

Keep your hand on life's throttle
Moving forward as you fight life's battle
precept by precept till we reach that blissful shore
Meeting in final glad remembrance those we truly adore.

Do not profane life with uselessly carnal prattle
Fill your life with golden deeds that prove your mettle
Following life's railway grades through dark lined valleys
Chugging through mean street back alleys.
train rider

Do not Hang your head, but trust the engineer so brave
Defeated spirits from the depths of darkness to save
Unsuccessful souls passing low 'neath railroad trestle
Rising up to heaven's gate to wear the Master's mantle.
train rider

So watch life's sharp curves and hollows,
Fighting contentious foes with your fellows,
Keep your eyes on the right, never falter, never fail
Riding that straight and narrow rail.

I am the pointman on life's train
From the tip of the spear, the first to ascertain
Ordained to ride up front with the engineer on bends so strange
To deflect life's thorns and arrows and winds of change.
train rider

Help me hold onto the rod of righteousness
Though hounds of hell incarnate through this vale chase us
Never looking back because they might be gaining
Defaming your very life defined by yesterdays truth profaning.

Help me discern the right when forks loom in the trail
To choose the good from the bad that will my caboose derail
Stoke the steam engine fires that keep me on the track
Arm my mind with goodly knowledge, justice in fact.
train rider

Oh ride with me those tracks of glory
Our engine lighting the way to the greatest story
Take the crossroads high up into the mountain path
Shout at the devil below us, feel his wrath.
train rider

The measure of a man is how he rode life's rails
Not depths of depravity seen along hills and dales
Did he ride with gusto and love of life
Sharing with others its joys and bounties rife.

Did he help a brother on a rocky grade?
Did he assist a fallen neighbor into a bar-ditch laid?
Did he grasp the rod on God's railway eternal
To ride to the end of His glorious line supernal.

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