You Don't Know Me
by Gary Jacobson © 1999

You donít know me anymore...
Iím not the same boy
Who walked out that front door.
Iíve gone and done my patriotic chore
Felt warís slings and arrows along the way
Bartered childish innocence in ďthe NamĒ
The devil sure to pay.

Iíve borne witness to death and killing
Horrors imbedded forevermore chilling.
Iíve tasted my hot and sticky blood...
Groveled for life in heat and mud
Floundered with mud
And raging blood
Running into my eye...
Felt surely any minute Iíd die
You wonder now why I cry!
Of a year of yesterdays still ask why...

No, you donít know me any more.
Iím no longer the same ďboy next doorĒ
With my future shining brightly before me
In naive innocence "the world" to see.
Iíve borne witness to the evil
Goodly men should abhor
Walked the valley of shadows blinding dark
Patrolled the ďkilling field parkĒ
Felt fear pungent and spicy on my skin
Battled for freedom's life to win.

No, you donít know me any more.
I've traveled too far from humanities shore.
Hate like tangy pepper runs in my veins
A weary tongue echoing passing sad refrains
Still out of step,
Still out of rhyme,
Still carried in primal screams back in time
Forever fighting in a soul inflamed
Forevermore evading memories battle adhered
By a Godless war seared...

No, you don't know me anymore...
For there's a hole eternally in my soul
That wasn't there before...

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