Credo Of Hate
by Gary Jacobson © 2001
There’s hate brewing in the tribes of Africa,
Humanitarian unrest in China,
Massacres over differences, just like in America.
Ethnic cleansing rampant in Yugoslavia.

Hitler, Stalin and Milosevic
Gods of war pitting poor against rich
Fomenting cold wars,
Shooting wars,
Rattling sabers of power against the meek
Railing new hatreds to wreak,
In rantings odorously reek.

Serbians hate Ethnic Albanians with abiding hositlities
Insulting civilities
As Croats and Muslim minorities,
With Christians just don’t get along
Damn heretics undeniably wrong,
Inciting wars saddest song...

Pit neighbor against neighbor,
Brother against brother...
In famines and pestilence and strife,
Inciting riots make for a tortuous life.

Power hungry leaders promote suffering,
In great greed coveting
Despots their neighbors envying
For none but themselves caring
Dictators cooing
Gratuitous words the very elect deceiving
In deluding deceit as though they care, beguiling
Politicians for personal gain inciting
In wars and rumors of wars profiteering.

Mid foul disease and hunger
Families are torn asunder
Won by war in lightning and thunder
Beyond belief
Children dying without relief
From Christian Crusades to Holocaust
Generations lost
To Timothy Mcveigh and Pinochet

Whites hate the black,
Blacks hate whites back
Inciting slogans of black power
Strike a discordant note sour
Fomenting rhetoric of white power.

Jews from all sides wither under attack
Arabs their skulls with thrown rocks crack
Palestinians vow to drive Jews into the sea
So they can concentrate on hating you and me,
For America is the “Great Satan,” you see,
Allah would the terrorist destroy
That most abominable democracy.

Their are anti-government Anarchists,
Greedy Imperialists,
And nobody likes the Asians
Though we fought to make them free
Because they’re different from you and me,
Can’t you see?

Iraq hates Iran
Driving the Kurds out part of their plan.
Turkey doesn’t like Kurds either
Shove them back, give us a breather.
If those infidels think they can homestead beside us,
We’ll grind them into dust.

Oil rich friends in the east
Gouging at the pumps friends in the west
Allies among a plethora of lies
People killing every day
Killing in every imaginable way
Guerrilla insurgents and rebels fighting
Around the world, every day, people dying
Mothers of dying children inconsolably

The “west” hates with a vengeance dirty communists
Who the voice of the people resists.
Irish Protestants hate the Catholics.
The Irish Republican Army despises English bucolics.
Hindus hate Buddhists.
Indians hate Pakistan extremists,
Hate Taliban activists,
And so I've come to the conclusion as such,
That I don't like anybody very much.

Terrorists kill civilians by any means they boast,
However they can kill the most,
Teach the lessons of pain
To those deserving it most despicable,
The faithless contemptable,
Meriting no more than callous disdain...
Despising unbelievers, the way of nationalistic zealots,
Over centuries inspiring religious hot spots,
Wars and counterplots.

Invention spurs chemical wonders in war's proliferation
Killing with pinpoint accuracy targeted obliteration
Hatreds tools of war over annals of history drape
Gas in the trenches all hope to decimate
Novel ways of hate employed
Leaving sanities mouth agape

Guns and bullets no longer enough in a warriors mindscape
Not only to kill, but in totality, very being misshape
Use heinous Napalm not only to kill the foe,
Students of war glow
But in eternal hatred bestow
Holy devestation to land, crops and waters sow.

Kill an enemies family with liquid hate,
With Agent Orange their land defoliate.
Future, hope and love desecrate,
Forever kill their youthful generations we abominate
Breed hate that'll in the heart of victims consummate.
Continue far beyond the war the battlescape,
Forever destroy heart and soul with systematic rape

Go ahead and cheat your neighbor
Go ahead and cheat a friend
Heartaches never-ending rend
Do it in the name of justice
You can justify it in the end
Drive them out
Scrape them out
Stick it to your neighbor screw
Now, if only people could believe like we do.

If only people looked more like us
If only people would talk like us
If only people would walk like us
If only people would act like us
Glorious us...
We by the deities eternally blessed...
It’s us against them,
That’s what’s making all the fuss.

My Love Has Gone To War
by Gary Jacobson © 2001
Now mine love fallen, hast from mine side gone.
Oh sing thee now, thine sad and mournful song.
Grieve ye now for love lost so true
Passed on now into war’s grave blackened hue.

Oh, hear thee the knell in mine saddened soul ring
A funeral dirge to mine loves sweetest death sing.
Sing to lost love, fallen far, far away,
For whose soul, I can but now pray.

Curse ye now, that dreadful beast,
That took mine love to this killing feast
Left him moldering under alien ground
Now silent in peace, soft, nary a sound.

Oh, where again can I wearily start
Born death of hope, of very heart,
For mine love, mine life,
With whom I sang elaborate songs rife.

Planning the rest of our lives in loves grand wealth
Before death
Sprouted its carnally, evil breath
Killing the source from whence very life doth spring
Morbid despair forever to bring.

Over my one true love, far setting sun gathers,
Upon sons, brothers, fathers,
Having destroyed asunder what might have been?
Should have been...
If had not been
For the inhumanity of men, to men.

Open My Eyes
by Gary Jacobson © 2001
Among scurrying masses hurrying obliviously on
Open my eyes that I might see
That war was a destructive catastrophe
Causing me to be what I am, you see.
Forever changed from the world’s naive masses
Where in youth I looked through rose colored glasses
Spending bright youth in Nam’s sweet and sour grasses
Departed from a carefree world of gullible glee
Now living war’s great, lamentable futility.
I see the world as it is
From a powerful nation in righteous might
To emotional cleansing catharsis

Open my eyes
Withdraw gungho naive innocence
Lost in reality before I learned to hate.
Lost pride, honor, and virtue’s essence
From youth sent to evil’s profligate.
God-given values vanish
In a battlefield contagion’s propagate
Under the war sword vanquish
In a wastrel people dissipate
Thinking where once right was right
And wrong was wrong
Living and loving a joyous delight
God’s great song.

Once I held freedom sacrosanct
Fought in jungle mud for liberty
For right of self determination circumspect
Marching into battle with right’s infantry
Onward Christian soldiers, the tip of war’s spear
To preserve revered precepts of democracy
In zealous youth, God only to fear
Anguished over the good life’s kiss of death,
Encountered with every fevered,
Yet treasured breath
Tortured souls idly witnessing a killer’s birth
Killing’s back there, long remembered in nightmare
A nation sons torn from all goodly worth.
War’s influence, fiendish demons corrupting,
By venomous hate defeating
The death of all holy in traumatic pall
Torturing every side with tarnished pride.

Returning soldiers needed to get war off their chest
Erase that pain by cruel war sorely inflicted
From the killing find a peaceful rest
From severe weight on souls embattled
Wanting only someone to salve the theft
For the loss of innocence console.
But our nation didn’t want to talk about it,
Ashamed of a sons combat in that Nam bog hole,
Embarrassed by that little southeast Asian gambit.
So we buried war traumas deep a bit,
When those loved said move on, get over it.
Yet in a stilled hiding place painful memories
Yet keep deep
Still tortured yet, combatant souls still seep.

I still wonder why,
Why so many had to fight and die?
Has peace been instilled as a global institution?
Have we finally found the solution?
To alleviate the thousand yard stare!
Have we beaten our swords into a biblical plowshare?
Have faithful hearts grown with Christ-like care?
No, there are wars and rumors of wars galore in store!
Awaiting the next in a series of wars to end all war
Which inexorably will come sadly, careening madly,
Despite good men dramatically saying emphatically,
War they abhor.
Oh, good men need be wary,
We’ll eat drink and be merry,
Till tomorrow, again, we send boys to die.
Far off where gut-wrenching battles lie.

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