Old Independence Day
Bonny Red, White and Blue

by Gary Jacobson © 2000
Liberty Bell
Our bonny flag flies with great honor to proclaim
Moral fairness of our land in fair justice name
United in this land so bold and free
Standing for America, the author of sweet Liberty
Consecrated to establish domestic tranquility.

Our bonny red, white and blue flag
Watches over all, and that's no brag,
Protecting all, over whom she does in glory Wave,
Flying over this sacred home of the brave.

Our bonny flag's brilliant stripes and bars,
A blue foundation under the brightest stars
Hung in firmaments deep blue fields delight
Twinkling as beacons of freedomís greatest light.

O that glorious blue, red and purified white
Lasting Symbols under which states Unite
A judicious standard under God's righteous Might
An emblem of fidelity in shining carriage of Right.

Why did boys next door carry this flag of freedom
To a tarnished land far away called Vietnam,
Where many a poor boy's hopes entomb
In forever sadness, misery and doom?

Why did American boys put their lives in a bind
Leaving homes and loved ones in the wake behind?
Why did soldiers slog through enmiring mud
Anguished over our brothers free flowing blood?

Why did boys knowing only love
Living principles sent down from above
Face the oppressor's decaying hate
Festering in jungleís withering heat irate?

Why did we make our mothers cry?
Why did we heed not a fatherís stern sigh?
Salute in duty that bonny red, white and blue
Flying so high, bringing tears primordial dew?

Why do we salute that piece of colored rag
Waving tattered and torn, O that holy flag
For which we would rather with honor live...
Freedom give...
Or ignominiously Die
Take our place in the Master's sky?
Flag Raising at Iwo jima
O that magnificent red, white and blue
Makes us to through a glass softly see, with patriotic hue
These motherís Sons acted in Unswerving devotion
Saw rampant tyranny far across a great ocean...

Young Americans, gambled their most priceless gift,
Felt it their duty to right warís unholy rift,
To sacrifice lives revered,
Dedicated to the cause with loving endeared.

Life had blessed them with a Pearl of Great Price
Richer than rubies, the key to paradise
Which gave for men of principle, no other choice,
But for this great country to go with one voice
To fight the good fight,
To preserve humanities bastions of moral right...

What carried us to Armegeddons Carnage?
Was it a respect for our parent's heritage?
Was it because we were patriots
That we mounted the war beast's fiery chariots?

Why did we fight so stubbornly,
Doggedly resiliently, perseveringly, tenaciously?
Why ask why
We just went where we could so easily die?
Liberty Bell
It wasn't just the flag we adore
But what it stands for
That rights of mankind with dignity instill
Deep in our hearts honored anthemís sweetly thrill.

Hoist our bonny red, white and blue
Forever cause men righteous principles to pursue
To carry to others our nationís most priceless gift
To share with those of human rights bereft.

Cheer loud for veterans who shed their blood for you,
When the red, white and blue
Mid teary eyed dew
Streaks the sky,
Answering forever questions why.

With the help of God,
Over this bonny green sod,
Our bonny flag will forever fly
Ever so high...
Meld the symbol of our flag into annals of history,
Forever may it fly over this land so freely.
While protesters demeaned our very sacrifice,
Profaned our very lives?

Eternally may the red, white and blue wave
Long o'er the home of the Brave,
Honoring sacrifices stalwart men gave,
Who honored their bonny flag to their grave.
Iwo Jima Monument
I know, I know, I know...some of you are just chomping at the bit to tell me the song playing, "Bonny Blue Flag," was a confederate song, honoring a confederate flag. But hold on now, don't be so quick to rush to judgment. I like the melody as a background for love and honor and bravery to give honor to our American Red, White and Blue flag of these United States today, which waves in brotherhood over all mankind!

America's flag is a mantra of brotherhood; a noble birthright; a bastion for the sorely oppressed and downtrodden; a staunch standard of democracy in action, with integrity o'er freedom's bravely earned and fought for in liberty, embracing equally the rich and the poor, without regard for religion, belief, disability, or sexual orientation. The red, white and blue should maintain a lofty place over a bright and shining nation, standing firmly, inflexibly, valiantly, bravely, always seeking truth and right. Our Bonny Blue Flag sets a high standard of Godliness and ethics for all nations and peoples of the world to try and emulate, in efforts to strive to be more like us. Our flag and precepts are never on the side of wrong, always strong in justice, freedom, equity, and fair play. America, under our red, white, and blue, holds to a higher standard than the world's, where justice and fair play should ring out in all we say and do. All who serve under that great flag should in word and deed do all they can to honor her, abiding by a higher canon of ethics than others we deal with, and her great people who by the strength of their good right arms give her strength.

God bless the American dream...
One shining moment in history rising to the top, like cream
Make her again the land of the free and brave
I offered my life to save,
Make America a light on a hill that all the world may see,
A healing bastion to those downtrodden from depravity,
Hailing purity in freedom and liberty,
Displayed in deed and action morality
By its might giving light,
In its glory intelligence and right,
The center of truth and justice,
Very integrity personified by word and deed selflessness...

I do not believe in, "America, wrong or right,"
Nay, I want her to be right
Always right...only right...
Always with a strong voice of reason giving hope
Giving the world courage to cope
Showing before the world moral excellence
American virtue's essence
Displaying this nation's Godly birthright
Ever held humble in liberty's fight
Our shield and buckler warding off wordly depravity
Manifesting forever, star spangled bravery
Our word is our sword, keeping America forever free...

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