Golden Bamboo
Eagle Through The Flames

Golden Bamboo

Eagle Through The Flames

O eagle born of fire and spirit
Freedomís bastion in morning sunís conflict
Flying pristine skys of hope yet above us rising
Bearing a symbol of keen wisdom sharing
Through flames of torment
Abiding in this hour of discontent

O eagle born of fire and spirit
Of the purest clarion call benefit
Watchguard over this nation proud and free
Rousing great emblem of sovereignty
Oíer enemy watchfire camps liberty screeching
Oíer huddled masses truth seeking

O eagle flying proud, born of fire and spirit
Harken unto Satanís rampant misfit
Hail his desert band of fanatical terrorists
His cult abounding of evilly endowed extremists
Hating anyone that in difference exists
In a twinkling instant of civilityís abasement
Wounding an eagle, but for one dark moment

As their cheap-shot round the world rings
Singeing a sacrosanct eagleís proud wings
Discordant Armageddon sings
As skyscraping towers tumbled into dusty ravines
Buried innocent dead mid crumpled metal scenes
As tears of anguished pain
Fell as amber-tinted rain

Evil sought to bring a great nation tumbling down
Sent an eagle tragically thru the heart of flames flown
For one brief momentís insane alienation
Flaunted by hatredís fanatical vile faction
Terror held this image of hopes obliteration
For the duration before mad flames destruction

In black hearted temperament
Men of vile discontent
Fists against the world clenched
Desert warriors with hearts poisoned
A great nationís heartbeat, in mid beat stopped
Burned an eagleís feathers all humanity tarnishing
All the world faltered in darkest imagining

O eagle born of fire and spirit
Unable to conceive of such hating vitriolic
Mount to the sky this flames foul deed
Creationís bright eyed evil seed
As silken fringes from humanityís shadows bleed
By dishonorable precepts wounding
By acts devoid of understanding

O eagle born of fire and spirit
Itís pay back time for those with terror complicit
To those with freedom, love, compassion, obsolete
See an eagle flying thru the heart of flame indiscreet
In darkness, smoke and heat sounding
Sent forth from a sick world by evil hemorrhaging

O eagle born of fire and spirit
Deliver a message to the worldís armpit
A message on wild martial air from mankind bravest
Weather the iniquitous tempest
We can fly higher, sturdier, mightier
By hardshipís stormy travail we've grown stronger

O eagle born of fire and spirit
Seek out in his hiding place the malicious culprit
Self anointed protectors of sacred right burning
Who awakened us by inner hatreds screaming
From reprehensible act innocence is still bleeding
Show him innocent mankind, his evil sacrament
Awaken him from gardens of enlightenment

As winds blow now again to war and glory
O what silver tongue shall tell thine story?
Of egregious foes come face to face in history
For false teaching is the most supreme sacrilege
Of those feeling sanctimony possesses greater knowledge
Tempting the fates of all who oppose in carnage

O eagle soaring on high currents above us
By thy power protect us
As gallant men fall to earn their peace
Defeat false learning to gain a souls release
Defeat holier than thou ignorance
By shrill reveille sounds awaken men from intolerance

O eagle born of fire and spirit
To peace on earth commit
Refrain from calling innocent brothers names
Rise above smoldering contentions all humanity maims
Avoid the pitted abyss mankindís whole defames
Divine righteousness stains...

Golden Bamboo
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