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Poems presented: "Something left Undone," and "The Best of Times."

173rd Airborne in the A Shau Valley Marines at Khe Sahn

Something left Undone
by Gary Jacobson © 2002
faces of war
Memorial Day
Veteranís Day
The fourth of July
Always leave me feeling empty
I donít know why
Always with a tear staining my eye
Brandishing a menacing look far and away
My sight beyond where my children play
Beneath a crimson sky
Creasing the heart where silently I cry...

Though friends gather round me
So nothing but frivolity I see
Cacophonous activity with bustle
All around nought but hustle
Still Iím strangely anguished
Nervous...restless...agitated thoughts crawfished
Sensing something unfinished
Suddenly tingling in my backbone
Loud noises tense an old warriorís fighting muscle
Awaken thoughts fearing for something left undone...

Grievingís hard, about something left undone
Makes my still violent heart rampantly run
Projecting thoughts of that long granite wall
Where brothers still stand brave...stand tall...
Recollections I never forget take me back
Seeing above marbled column with sheen shining black
Sparking still sore memories solemn
My heart hearing singing, ringing, a sacred hymn

Perhaps itís the fireworks
Noise dredging out memories that in my heart lurks
By friendly fire pulled deep out of my rucksack
Back to jungle track
Kicking and screaming where brothers still toil
Fighting, struggling, still on far away soil
Still vacant, still lost, still alone
Still trying hard for innocence to atone
Leaving a deep seated feeling
My head once more in combat reeling...

Helpless dreams my fragile mind disturb
Chide me with disdained upset to perturb
Of abandoned brothers dying without care
Vulnerable, vincible in that Vietcong lair
Where in strained disquiet I morosely stare
Distressed that brothers still need me there
Hidden feelings bidden from the depths bother me
Violating forever this fruits of war payee
Who canít help feeling thereís something left undone
Still far away, under a Vietnamese sun...

faces of war, a Marine at Khe Sahn
The Best of Times
by Gary Jacobson © 2002

In war...
True patriots join in the worst of times
Blood brothers allied in the best of times...

Noble warriors campaign against surging tides
Intrepid men go where valorous honor bides
Combat brothers sent the oppressed to guide
Truly toil lionhearted by your side
Chivalrous in wars waged far and wide...

True patriots joined in the worst of times
Blood brothers allied in the best of times...

Proudly stand beside men baring in lifeís hue
Stalwart actions bold and true
Offering their all for the red, white and blue
Committed to cause of right, these valiant knights
Who for deepest conviction fights...

True patriots joined in the worst of times
Blood brothers allied in the best of times...

Only the bravest of men banded in camaraderie
Answered the call to protect beloved liberty
Consecrated courageous hearts to protect their family
Kindred spirits united in defense of humanity
Found in warís grim-gallant reality a heroes destiny...

True patriots joined in the worst of times
Blood brothers allied in the best of times...

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