1st Air Cavalry Reunion 2008

Four foxhole buddies from 1st platoon, B Co 2/7 1st Air Cavalry met at a reunion in Jacksonville, Florida, over forty years after leaving the Nam ... Gary Jacobson, Mike Riley, Fred Schaaff, Castillo Camarillo.

Gary Jacobson, Mike Riley, Fred Schaaff, Castillo Camarillo

Mike Riley generously gifted us with cavalry stetsons.
old foxhole buddies at the Saturday banquet
Thanks, brother!

Mike Riley, Fred Schaaff, Castillo Camarillo Gary Jacobson

Vietnam Era Luncheon Gary reading his poem My Thousand Yard Stare at the Vietnam era luncheon
Vietnam Era Luncheon Vietnam Era Luncheon
Vietnam Era Luncheon Vietnam Era Luncheon
Stone Love
© by Gary Jacobson July 2008

Stone love...
Is a hard-Corps solid love
Battle forged in warrior brothers with forever true love
God's grace watching from above
Stone love saved my life when I went down
My brother's Stone Love never let me down
So Iíll never forget
Though Iíll always regret...

Wounded, I left unexpectedly. So suddenly...
So for forty years I never got to say goodbye
Still in the pit of my stomach I cry
With a deep throated sigh
For men with whom I walked the rim of life and death
Silent fear bated on every breath.
With hard-corps boys-next-door
I once shared a ride to the war...

I once humped the Nam oh so carefully
As if our lives depended on it, walked the walk stealthily
With a front row seat to the world's biggest fireworks show
Judd, Schaaff, Cam, Oertel, Snyder and Riley hunted the foe
Where we once shared a laugh...
Incited the virulent Cong homeboy's wrath
Shed a fearful tear ... shared a foxhole
You canít buy friends like that ... brothers of the soul!

A veterans main goal was to survive
Yet always we waited for that moment to arrive
That instant that deep into mortal flesh would drive
The bullet with your name on it
Sent with an enemies ire a warrior soul to penetrate
With shrapnel furies shredding our patriot's creed
Hatred's most malevolent seed
Sent to slash and cut and make us bleed.

From deep dark jungle of death, above the battlefield I rise
Blown into Nirvanaís deep blue skies
Detonated By pesky Vietcong killjoys
Who once tried to kill we poor young country boys
Tried to kill this mother natureís son
Just completely ruined my whole day's fun...
Sent me into the light of a dark black night
Where deathís aura still sometimes sings in fright.

Stone love, means a brothers forever love...
True love! A hard-corps solid love
Speaking in words of wisdom to the bone clear
With peace shining till tomorrow, intimate and dear
My brothers but branches of freedom's tree
Their arms of abiding love protecting and possessing me
Sharing a bond my soul caressing. You see...
They helped me be.

My brothers-of-the-sword and I, felt deepest fear
Together we experienced the longest year
In times of darkness we spat at the danger
Spat in a bamboo viper's face raging in anger
Faced together a world of harms
Hoping for a warriors lucky charms
To see us through
Till we could again embrace the red, white and blue.

When we were younger ... so much younger than today
We were pawns of the man who gave us that great pay
Just grunts with the 1st Team Air Cavalry
My brothers, and I, saw the tiger smile
Danced the devil's jig with him awhile...
We were soldiers ... combat infantryman
Just a real nowhere man
Walking talking miracles from Vietnam.

Now we're together again...
We've left behind that alien land of anguished sin
Left the Nam in the dust of our six
Caught that great silver bird to the land of the giant PX
We've each made lives. We did indeed survive
But we remember the brave ones.
We remember the fallen heroes
We remember brothers-in-arms
Who fought beside us in a world of harms.


St John River from hotel balcony We ate dinner across the St John River, taking this river taxi back to our hotel

Front: Gary Jacobson, Sandi Schaaff, Fred Schaaff, Mary Lou Camarrillo, Castillo Camarillo. Back: Mike Riley. We were graced with two lovely ladies, Sandi Schaaff and Mary Lou Camarillo

A failed chow recon patrol on a Saturday afternoon - our hotel, 'Riverfront Hyatt Regency' ahead 1st Cavalry 'horse soldiers' posting the colors

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