Airborne Screaming Eagles
They call us Currahees



1st Cav patch Garry Owen_BeltBuckle 1st Cav at war

LZ Betty
Photograph of Landing Zone Betty courtesy of Jerry Berry, photographer with the 101st Airborne, who inherited the landing zone after the 1st Cavalry established it.


Fire Mission A combat grunt Rain On Me!

by Gary Jacobson
Combat Infantry Badge

Fire mission, fire mission, rain on me
Our compound's overrun with fighting mad VC.
Send us your sweet-awful fury to inspire
'Cause Victor Charlie’s in the wire.
Bring out your thunder guns with brimstone decree
Let Charlie taste the bite of US artillery.

Fire mission, fire mission, rain on me
We’re deadly desperate, can’t you see.
By the dawn’s early light
Reach out and touch someone tonight.
Make them run from your fiery demolition
Send them all to hell's oblivion.

So rain your awful rain on my position
With mighty guns the surly foe decommission.
Rain down on your brother grunts in the infantry
Threatened nevermore daylight to see.
Charlie'll dee dee mau in meek contrition
Bow before your lightning in thundrous proposition.

Fire mission, fire mission, they’re all over us,
Fighting mad and in such a fuss.
Send a first class missive his soul to blister
Your call to cease and desist by airmail letter.
There's no time to discuss
Victor Charlie’s in the perimeter.

We're holding on for dear life, so rain on me
Heavy with good old artillery.
We’re dug in pretty deep
Herald angels around us keep.
We've gotten ourselves in an awful fix
Send your whoosh overhead like flaming Buicks.

Fire mission, fire mission, Rain on me
Hear now my desperate plea!
With angelic shells of Hell's mighty submission
Put Charlie's fighting in remission.
Make he who overran our palace guard now flee
Ensure today, the grave is not our destiny.

0 rain now, your fiery rain on me!

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