This background picture of my last patrol in Vietnam
looks like a peaceful scene...
but Charlie Cong is shadowing our every move...
there are snipers in the tree line
And booby traps set by those who would bring you harm.
They lie quietly in waiting
for the unsuspecting
Evil lies in waiting...
that great whore of war!
I was Wounded in Action twenty minutes after this picture was taken,
the end yet the beginning of a long odyssey home.
Song playing, "The Prayer," by Celine Dion.
Devil's Ace
memorial service
Bong Son Bong Son
Evil Waits
by Gary Jacobson © June 2006

Nefarious evil waits on a jungle footpath
Wicked evil ready to do demonic wrath
To transgress under moonlight's golden bath
Drawn a blood-stained sword from enclosing sheath
The gift of fear, evil doth bequeath
To kill wantonly with implements of megadeath
To suck from another his final breath
Praying for a way to bring about your death.

Evil waits in war's shadowed valley
Evil bides at the end of a lonesome alley
To punish evildoers for you. Just you!
The foul stench of death will odiously imbue
Licking repugnantly murderous lips hideous
Tasting already his victimís sweet blood heinous
Riding barbaric whirlwind and the torrent
Relishing all that's wantonly abhorrent.

To society evil is judged monstrously abominable
Totally awful, without merit irascible
A depraved ogre quite bestial
Rejoicing in your physical suffering
Torturing your mental agony beyond enduring
Tempestuous omens riding sickened air dreadful
Vile villains lurk grotesquely horrible
We all agree evil is just positively hateful!

Evil is ghoulishly hideous
Plain outright atrocious...
Yet animalistic mankind seeks evil out...
Searching for the carnal with hue and shout
To do his bidding with bloodcurdling evil
Man makes bargains with the devil
To promote his incarnate ill.

Humanity uses cruelty in the name of God and humanity
Deploying evil's factious insanity
Mankind uses hatred's poison to tip his spear
Disseminate evil agents a whole forest to clear
To napalm all living things out of here
Waging war with noxious smell
With cordite and gunpowder reminiscent of hell
Ghastly weapons those different than us to quell.

Evil does its worst whole families to obliterate
Sowing fatal seed to brutishly incinerate
Evil has people blowing people
With hatred exceeding ample
To kingdom come
Evil ruling people in history ad infinitum...
People do not seem to want to harness the evil beast
Too satisfied via war's killing feast

Evil's depraved essence subsists
Mass destruction in the world exists
Rooted at the very opposite of love
The heart of evil not propagated from above
Despots fiddle while civilization rots
Death pouring from boiling pots
With self-righteous brimstone unfurled
Born of savage cruelty in a carnally fiendish netherworld.

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