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flag 1st Air Cavalry field mass Purple Heart
Easter in a foxhole
A combat grunt

by Gary Jacobson © January 2007

Weary soldier cold and fitful,
On Easter morn sleeping restful
Awakening in his foxhole dug in blessed ground
Awakening to hear glorious hallelujah’s sound
Risen from the pit,
Comes a heavenly respite
When this "boy next door" sees afar the rising sun
Reminding him of the fiery glow of the blessed one
Hallelujah, that magnificent one. That Holy Son
Shining from His grave on earth our Saviour’s risen
For indeed, Christ was the Son of God chosen
O, hear Him in this time of wrathful dissension
Think ye now on the glorious Saviour's ascension.

How this lonely soldier wishes from battle’s prison
On this Easter morn, he too might be risen.
Oh, how he’d shine in magnificent, glorious white
Having served his time on earth, great wrongs to right.
The risen Christ stretched forth his hand in sweetest call
To this son of all, torn and bloody in battle’s pall
Who has tasted war’s bitter gall
Victim to somber death cruel war accepts...
Twisted and blackened in foxhole depths.
The dear Christ summons the beleaguered soldier to Him
To walk On this Easter morn with glorious Seraphim
To walk this day in the presence of the Father
Saying, “Bask with me in His adoring love, my brother.”

Said Almighty God,
“Hear ye mine beloved son, torn by man, and bleeding sore
Wounded like unto Him, of body and spirit bore
Crucified, then risen exhausted above where men lay
Mine Holy son, rose from the wicked fray
Risen like thee, from awful gloom of day
He ascended to me, this lamb, this Lord
Now adorned with mine righteous sword
Risen above the land of carnal beast
To proclaim salvation's feast,
His sweet and Holy peace
Hallelujah to His greater glory that will not cease.
Join choirs of angels singing His great love
Filtered down from celestial courtyards above.”

Said the Holy Christ...
“Now, mine Easter peace give I unto you,
Until thine earthly journey’s through
O mine brother ... mine blessed soldier
Heaven’s mighty warrior
Who offers precious life too, that others might live
Who for others greatest sacrifice give.
Soon ye will be reborn to heaven’s skies
Rewarded with mine bounteous victor’s prize
Yet thine time on earth tis not now accomplished
O Christian soldier, by those on high cherished
Bless ye ... keep ye ... now in thine lowly foxhole
For tendered now to Me is thine blessed soul.

Purple Heart battle mass at Dak To flag

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